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Pawan Kalyan Lost His Freedom Completely

Pawan Kalyan Lost His Freedom Completely

Pawan Kalyan has locked himself in a mental prison. He lost his freedom completely due to his decisions. He is unable to appreciate someone openly.

It is known that the entire industry is praising KCR for showing concern towards the film industry. Chiranjeevi himself has tweeted about him prominently. But Pawan Kalyan, being a film actor who is committed for six films hasn't uttered a single word appreciating KCR. 

Well, we can say that since he is an opponent now to TRS he cannot praise him. But recently during the flood relief, Pawan Kalyan said that TRS is a progressive government under a progressive leadership. 

Then why is he silent now? Is he afraid of BJP? 

Whatever it is, his decisions between films and politics made him lose his freedom completely. He is unable to take a firm stand on anything and finally proving himself a weak wicket by all means.

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