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Pawan Changes Stand On Special Status?

If the reports doing rounds in the media circles are to be believed, power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan is going to change his stand on the special category status and focus on what the state would get under special financial package in the coming days.

Apparently, Pawan Kalyan has felt that there has not been enough response from the people on the special category status issue, as was evident from the flop of the Visakhapatnam beach rally on January 26.

He is learnt to have expressed view that the major reason for the miserable show of January 26 rally was lack of enthusiasm and interest among the common public over the special category status issue.

“Had there been spontaneous response from the people, the state government would not have stopped the rally at all. The aggression was there only on social media and among the opposition parties and not in the people. It shows the people were not properly sensitised and educated about the benefits of special category status. This was rightly used by the Naidu government,” he felt.

So, Pawan wants to shift his focus from special category status to special financial package. He is said to be have commissioned a survey among the people to find out their response on special package vis-à-vis special status and if they are happy with the special package, what they are expecting from it.

Depending on the outcome of the survey, Pawan would take up the fight on what more the state could get as part of special package, instead of just what is being given as per the AP Reorganisation Act.



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