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Pawan Best Suited For Swamiji Role!

Pawan Best Suited For Swamiji Role!

Actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan, who is habituated to uttering dialogue as per the script in films, seems to have not mastered the art of speaking in public yet.

Though he tries to present an intellectual look while addressing public or the media, it is actually boring for the audiences.

It was once again evident at Pawan’s speech at the party workers’ meeting at Peddapalli on Tuesday.

It never appeared like a political speech, aimed at inspiring cadre and galvanise them to face the next elections. It was like a preaching by an evangelist or at the most a Swamiji at a spiritual discourse.

The only occasion when he gave the impression of being a politician is when he raised Jai Telangana slogan at the beginning of the speech.

Stating that while Andhra had given him birth, he said Telangana had given him rebirth.

“Jai Telangana is a powerful mantra which excites me. It is as powerful as the Vandemataram slogan,” he said.

Well, Jai Telangana used to inspire people during the movement for separate Telangana state, which was strongly opposed by Pawan Kalyan.

Now, when it is an outdated slogan, Pawan chose to pick it up thinking he can attract the Telangana voters.

The rest of Pawan’s speech was more or less like a spiritual discourse by a Swamiji. Some of the sentences from his speech are:

* Youngsters need to step up and fight against corruption for a better society.

* We should respect our language, culture and traditions.

* Politics should not have the colour of caste and religion.

* We have to promote the language, culture and tradition of Telangana, which I have promoted in my films.

* Power has been restricted to certain sections of people and has to be changed.

* Telangana is only four years old; hence we have to be careful in the development of the state. 

* I respect all the leaders and have no problems with any party or leader in both the Telugu states.

* I will extend my support to the people of Telangana and won’t step back.

Now, one can judge how boring Pawan’s speech could have been for the audiences!



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