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Now, Naidu blaming Centre for Polavaram delay!

Now, Naidu blaming Centre for Polavaram delay!

As per the AP Reorganisation Act, the mighty Polavaram irrigation project has to be constructed by the Centre at its own cost. But Naidu brought pressure on the Centre to hand over the project to the state government on the pretext that the Centre might not be able to complete the project on time.

Of course, the opposition suspect that Naidu took over the project for the sake of kickbacks.

But after two years, he has realised that the state might not be able to complete the project on time and in a bid to escape from his responsibility, he has now started blaming it on the Centre for the delay in the construction of the project.

Naidu told a team of central government officials that the state government would be in trouble if the Centre did not extend full support to Polavaram project.

“We can complete the construction of project within two years if the Centre grants funds in time. The revised project cost is Rs 58,319 crore and the Centre has to bear the entire expenditure,” he said.

Though Naidu did not blame the Centre directly, he indirectly hinted that the Centre had been resorting to delaying tactics in release of funds.

Though the State government wants to speed up the works, Naidu said it would not be possible if the Centre fails to release funds in a timely manner.

“I told the same to the Union government officials who visited the project recently. Polavaram cannot be built without the support of the Centre,” the Chief Minister said.

He also criticised the Congress and YSR Congress party for creating hurdles.

“Instead of criticising the government, the Congress should have completed the project during its tenure,” he said.

Naidu made it clear that the project works were going on in a transparent manner and appealed to all parties to cooperate with the government to get funds from the Centre.



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