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No big fish to be caught in drug racket!

Now, it seems to be more or less clear that the big fish in the sensational drug peddling case in Hyderabad would go scot free and only small fried would be shown as culprits, that too, for the time being. And the case, which gained so much media attention, is all set to fizzle out.

This was evident from the statement of top IPS officer Akun Sabharwal, who is heading the Special Investigation Team Telangana excise and prohibition enforcement department probing the drug peddling racket.

After gaining too much publicity and giving too many baseless leaks to the media over interrogation of 12 film personalities of Tollywood to find out their alleged links with drug peddlers, Akun quietly disclosed that there would be no more interrogation of film personalities.

The excise officials and even chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao already disclosed that the 12 film personalities were questioned only as victims and not the accused.

Akun indicated then that based on the inputs given by these film stars, there is a possibility of questioning more film personalities.

In fact, there were leaks to the media that villain Subba Raju had named several big people in the drug racket and that the authorities would question them.

But now, it has been proved just a humbug. Akun declared that the glamour episode of the drug case is over, as there won't be any more interrogations of film personalities in this regard.

Though there is a second list of people to be questioned, it does not have the names of film stars.

Asserting that there was no pressure on them from any quarter, Mr Sabharwal said that 11 cases have been registered in the drug peddling case so far and the charge-sheet will be filed once the forensic reports are submitted. 



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