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Naidu Is No Gandhi To Expect People's Support!

Naidu Is No Gandhi To Expect People's Support!

Lok Sabha member from Anantapur J C Diwakar Reddy might have joined the Telugu Desam Party before 2014 elections since the people were hating Congress, but his heart seems to be always in the Opposition, rather than in the ruling party.

That is why, JC does not mince words while criticising the TDP which he now represents in Lok Sabha. He doesn’t hide his hatred towards Naidu despite the latter now being his boss. Many a time, he criticised Naidu’s style of functioning and administration. Yet, he is able to get away because Naidu cannot take action against him and erode the party’s base in Anantapur.

On Tuesday, JC made stinging comments against Naidu’s political management as well as administration.

“The chief minister is depending too much on his officials rather than people’s representatives, which is not good for the state. I told him several times to change his style of functioning, he is not listening,” he said.

JC said Naidu cannot expect to win always only because of his own strength. “He is not a Mahatma Gandhi for people to vote him always”, he added.

He also found fault with Naidu for ignoring sincere and committed leaders like Payyavula Kesav and not giving them proper recognition.

“When Keshav, who has been working hard in the party since a long is not getting prominence, how can a new entrant like me to expec something bigger position”, he asked.

JC said he was forced to join the TDP before 2014 elections, because he did not want to join the YSR Congress party and hence had no alternative.

“Those days, I felt a leader like Jaganmohan Reddy should not become Chief Minister of the state. So, I have joined TDP,” he said.



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