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More Names Tumble Out In Revanth Case!

More Names Tumble Out In Revanth Case!

As the investigation by Anti-Corruption Bureau into the sensational cash-for-vote scam is getting intensified, more and more names are tumbling out of the Telugu Desam Party cupboard.

According to a section of media, the names of Lokesh, son of AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, two MPs and a Union Minister have come out during the investigation into the scam.

It is learnt that the money was arranged by a TDP MP and a Union minister close to Naidu, while the planning was allegedly done by Lokesh. And the first instalment of Rs 50 lakh was arranged by another MP.

The reports said the ACB authorities had traced the source of Rs two crore offered by TDP MLA Revanth Reddy to the nominated MLA Elvis Stephenson.

The money was reportedly from a nationalised bank neared to NTR Trust Bhavan on May 28. However, there is no information from where the initial cash of Rs 50 lakh came from. Apparently, it is black money.

The ACB authorities are now digging deep into the source of money and the account from which the money was drawn.

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