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Modi Over The Mahatma?

Recently, the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi was replaced with that of Narendra Modi in the government-owned Khadi and Village Industries Commission's calendars. Naturally, the move has evoked a lot of criticism.

Suffice to say that the move is the pinnacle of narcissism as far as Modi is concerned. How can Narendra Modi brook comparison with Gandhiji?

The Mahatma was a man who always led from the front. His policy of non-violence was not one borne out of fear but aimed at the conscience of the aggressor. And Gandhiji was always at the forefront in any agitation that he undertook against the British, with the people all the way.

However, the same cannot be said of Narendra Modi. Take the recent demonetization decision for example. Having announced such a radical decision, Modi did not be with the people to assuage their fears and steer them through the turbulent period.

Instead, having announced the decision, he ran away to Japan that very night to avoid having to face criticism. He came back four days later and wept at a meeting to win public sympathy.

Are the tears of Modi on a par with those of Gandhiji?



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