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Media Talk: Two Letter Drama By SEC?

Media Talk: Two Letter Drama By SEC?

"Everything surrounding the letter by the State Election Commissioner seems to be suspicious and michievous!", exclaimed an officer in top management of a media house. 

When asked to elucidate, he continued, "After the letter started making rounds only a couple of channels made all attempts to make it penetrated in to the public. When we tried to reach SEC to take the confirmation, all his mobiles were switched off. Why would he do something like that if the letter was not fake? We suspected that and continued attempts to reach him. But meanwhile, ANI reported that SEC confirmed that, "that" letter was not written by him. So our suspicion became true. It is a crime committed in the partnership of some media groups".

He also added, "But surprisingly when RTI activist received the information that the Home Ministry has actually received a letter from SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, suppositions for a moment turned upside down. But what we conclude now is there could be actually two letters in the scene. We think there might have been two versions; one for Union Home Ministry and the other one for media. Letter to the Union Home Ministry would have been a brief one seeking security, whereas the media version furnished with derogatory attack on YSRCP. Knowing this, the SEC would have avoided media calls with the fear of questions going in the contents of the letter".

When asked how can we down the curtain on this controversy,  the media head concluded saying, "Well, if the RTI can provide the complete letter received by the Union Home Ministry from Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, all the airs will be cleared. We can match that with the one circulated in media to confirm".