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Media Baron Took Control Of TDP's Situation

Media Baron Took Control Of TDP's Situation

Chandrababu is currently imprisioned, and Lokesh is working diligently to understand the situation and regain control. However, at this critical juncture, events have taken an unexpected turn.

Protests were initiated as part of a premeditated plan.

Simultaneously, efforts were launched to garner nationwide support for Chandrababu.

Pawan Kalyan swiftly journeyed to Rajahmundry, where he announced his intention to align with TDP. 

Following Pawan's announcement, he revealed preparations for a collaborative operation. 

Lokesh promptly set off for Delhi. His upcoming mission involves meetings with national media outlets, rallying some MPs to raise the issue in Parliament. There are also reports that a prominent media magnate is collaborating to arrange a meeting between Lokesh and Amit Shah. In a way this entire mission was visioned by the media baron who took over the situation in support of CBN. 

Pawan, too, expressed the intention to meet Amit Shah, though no mention was made of Prime Minister Modi. This distinction is noteworthy.

The mastermind orchestrating this entire operation remains a mystery. It is clear that a senior most person with a stronger desire to see Jagan's downfall than Chandrababu is driving this movement. 

This individual appears to have assumed responsibility for leading the pro-Chandrababu movement. 

The reason for Pawan's sudden announcement of ths alliance at this particular juncture is quite straightforward. With Chandrababu's arrest, the TDP cadre's morale had dampened. 

Although a bandh was called, it did not succeed. 

In such circumstances, it became imperative to boost the cadre's spirits and fortify protest initiatives. 

Currently, the TDP manpower is reluctant to engage in significant disruptions on the streets. In contrast, Janasena possesses a substantial manpower resource that could be utilized for such purposes. However, this mobilization wouldn't occur without the official announcement of the alliance. Hence, the need for declaring the alliance became apparent. 

If Pawan signals, Janasena activists may resort to road violence in Andhra Pradesh in support of Chandrababu. 

This is how the media baron devised a plan to fire TDP's gun putting in the hands of Janasena activists. 

Pawan himself emphasized the need to lay the groundwork for joint action before formalizing the alliance. Therefore, the immediate priority remains to protest against the unjust and illegal arrest of Chandrababu.

The key point to note is that this entire scheme is meticulously orchestrated and overseen by the media mogul, with all others acting in his direction accordingly.


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