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Macherla Will Be Ideal... But Who Will Listen To Me?

Macherla Will Be Ideal... But Who Will Listen To Me?

Anantapur MP JC Diwaker Reddy once again reiterated his opinion about the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

He said that Macherla would make for an ideal capital city. In fact, JC expressed the same opinion in the past.

But he immediately added that there was no one would listen to his opinion despite it being a good choice.

Similarly, the voices of Rayalaseema are also going unheard as they want a capital in their region, he said.

Like many who are concerned about the burgeoning realty prices in Vijayawada and nearby areas, JC said that an acre of land was costing between Rs 10 to Rs 15 crore in Vijayawada right now.

The steep prices would pose a problem in acquiring land to develop the state capital there, he pointed out.

JC warned his party TDP that they would look back and feel ashamed after five years just like the Telangana Congress leaders who are regretting their past actions now.

Last, but surely not least on his agenda, JC once again brushed aside allegations that he was involved in the murder of Paritala Ravi.

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