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Lokesh Selecting Candidates For Polls?

Lokesh Selecting Candidates For Polls?

Telugu Desam Party general secretary and Andhra Pradesh IT minister Nara Lokesh has hardly been found involving in major political decisions in the party.

There were occasions when his father, party president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, asked him to resolve the problems in the party in some constituencies.

There were no occasions when he addressed major party meetings in any district. Even at Mahanadu, he was confined to speaking only on the resolutions which he was supposed to introduce.

So, when Lokesh announced the party candidates for Kurnool Lok Sabha seat and assembly seat on Monday, it really came as a big surprise for the media, if not the party leaders.

He said sitting MP Butta Renuka will be the party candidate for Kurnool, sitting MLA S V Mohan Reddy will be fielded again for Kurnool assembly seat. He called upon the voters to elect both the leaders with a thumping majority.

Generally, the TDP does not have the history of announcing candidates well in advance. Though in many constituencies, the choice of candidates is obvious, Naidu releases list only in the last moment during the nomination process, only after the rival party announces its candidates.

So, it naturally evoked surprise as to why Lokesh announced these two names well in advance and in what capacity, he selected the candidates.

It is not known whether Naidu has started involving Lokesh in the selection of candidates and announcing the names well in advance.

It means Lokesh is gradually stepping into the shoes of his father!



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