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Lokesh Resorted To Breach Of Privilege?

Lokesh Resorted To Breach Of Privilege?

If the YSRCP has its way, there will be a breach of privilege motion against TDP general secretary and member of Andhra Pradesh legislative council Nara Lokesh Babu.

The YSRC leaders are alleging that Lokesh had resorted to blatant breach of privilege by taking videos and photos of the proceedings in the state legislative council during the course of debate in the House on Wednesday.

“It is a big crime to take pictures and videos in the legislature and post them in the social media. This is nothing but humiliating the House and an infringement on the rights of the members. The recording and telecast of the proceedings were purely a privilege of the House and it cannot be shot on cameras,” agriculture minister K Kanna Babu said.

Stating that Lokesh had violated the rules of the legislature, Kanna Babu demanded that action be taken against the TDP member as per the legislative procedures.

“When I and another minister Vellampalli Srinivas went to Lokesh to request him to stop shooting of the house proceedings, other TDP members including Bida Ravichandra attacked us and kicked Vellampalli,” he alleged.

Kanna Babu demanded that action should be taken against Ravichandra and others who behaved in an unruly manner in the council.

“The deputy chairman behaved in the most objectionable manner. He has ignored our demand for taking the views of the members before allowing discussion,” he regretted.

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