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Lokesh Direction To Parliament Members!

Lokesh Direction To Parliament Members!

Telugu Desam Party general secretary Nara Lokesh is just a baby in politics. Except being the son of party president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, he does not have any standing in the party.

He was made party general secretary, only because of Naidu’s sycophants, but strictly speaking, he does not have experience of even a sarpanch.

Such a political novice on Monday surprisingly chaired the TDP’s parliamentary party meeting and gave a lengthy lecture to TDP MPs from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, who are far more experienced than him.

He told them what to, what not to do, what kind of strategy they have to adopt in Parliament and what issues they should raise during the budget session of Parliament commencing on Tuesday.

Lokesh called upon the party MPs to raise the issue of providing statutory approval for the special financial package granted by the Centre for Andhra Pradesh in lieu of special category status.

At the same time, the TDP MPs should also ensure that the YSR Congress party MPs do not disturb the house on the issue of special category status.

“Under any circumstances, they should not be allowed to raise their voice in the House,” he ordered.

He also asked the MPs to take into people the benefits of the special financial package vis-à-vis special category status.

Unless the elected leaders take the initiative, the opposition parties continue to take wrong message into the people, he warned.



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