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KCR policy: Anti-Cong means pro-BJP!

KCR policy: Anti-Cong means pro-BJP!

Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao seems to believe in the theory that enemy’s enemy is a friend, though the latter is also an enemy locally.

The TRS has decided to support Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance candidate Harivansh Narayan Singh of the Janata Dal (U) in the Rajya Sabha deputy chairman elections to be held on Thursday.

The reasoning given by the TRS chief while speaking to his party’s Rajya Sabha MPs is that they cannot vote for the Congress candidate, because the TRS treats the Congress as its enemy and is fighting against it in the elections in Telangana.

Defending his stand further, KCR reportedly told the party MPs that it is the JD (U) candidate and not the BJP candidate who is contesting the elections.

Moreover, JD (U) leader and Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar personally called him seeking support to his party candidate Harivansh Narayan.

Like YSR Congress party, the TRS, too, could have abstained from polling in the RS deputy chairman elections, if it treats the BJP too as its enemy. But by deciding to support the NDA candidate, KCR has clearly established that he would embrace anybody, who opposes the Congress party.

Since the BJP is opposing the Congress, he would support the BJP or NDA candidate, notwithstanding the fact that the BJP is also his rival in the Telangana.

By adopting this stand, KCR has hit two birds at one shot. He has displayed his anti-Congress stand and the same time, sent a message to the people that the BJP is not a force in Telangana and he could manage the Centre with his lobbying power!