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KCR Fails To Rake Up 'Telangana Emotions' In Warangal!

KCR Fails To Rake Up 'Telangana Emotions' In Warangal!

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who addressed a mammoth election meeting in Warangal on Tuesday failed to rake up 'Telangana emotions' among the public.

Though he spoke for about 45-minutes, which was mainly focussed on igniting 'Telangana sentiment', there was no response from the public unlike his earlier public meetings during Telangana statehood agitation and election meetings in 2014, where public used to cheer him.

KCR too used to entertain them with his 'punch dialogues' against Seemandhra leaders and Telangana leaders from Congress, TDP and BJP parties.

However, KCR's trademark punch dialogues were missing this time due to which his meeting ended on a sober note.

While KCR was delivering speech, the public started moving out from the venue in the midst of the meeting.

Looking at the poor response, though KCR tried to rake up Telangana sentiment by speaking out the injustice meted to Telangana during 58-year rule of goverments in Undivided AP, it failed to enthuse the public.

The other leaders who sat on the dias were seen sending signals to public to clap their hands but they went unnoticed.

With this, KCR even tried to rake up emotions among the public by asking them to throw stones at him and kill him if he fails to fulfill the promises he made during 2014 elections and even reminded them that he made similar request to kill him by throwing stones at him during Telangana statehood agitation, if he dilutes the Telangana movement for his political benefit.

TRS insiders say this meeting would remain the most dull meeting among all the meetings conducted by KCR in Warangal since 2001 and fear whether it would show any impact on the TRS prospects in Warangal Lok Sabha bypoll.



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