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Kanna's situation: Neither here, nor there!

Kanna's situation: Neither here, nor there!

Former minister and senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader from Andhra Pradesh Kanna Lakshminarayana is in a deep dilemma – whether to join the YSR Congress party or not.

Kanna, who had resigned from the BJP in the last week of April, was supposed to join the YSRC on April 25.

After making all the arrangements to take a plunge into the party along with his followers, he suddenly reported sick with high blood pressure and was hospitalised for a couple of days.

His followers told the media that he would join the YSRC soon after his recovery. However, Kanna got discharged long ago and is yet to fix a date to join the YSRC.

There were reports that the BJP top leadership in Delhi – including party president Amit Shah and Andhra Pradesh party in-charge Ram Madhav had spoken to Kanna and forced him to stay back.

Since Kanna had already sent his resignation letter to Delhi, it is not clear whether he still continues to be in the BJP.

It is like neither here nor their situation for him in politics now. Though the BJP leadership prevailed on him to stay back, there is no assurance from the party so far as to what he would get.

At the same time, the YSRC leadership is said to be terribly upset with Kanna’s double game. If he was really sick, he should have consulted the YSRC leaders soon after recovery and announced a date for joining the party. But Kanna is learnt to have remained silent and this made the YSRC leaders angry.

The latest news is that the Telugu Desam Party is also offering a plum post to Kanna if he joined the party. He is said to be weighing his options before taking a decision.



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