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Jagan To Bring Out Book On Naidu Corruption!

When the Telugu Desam Party was in the Opposition for 10 years, it made a hue and cry over the alleged corruption in the Y S Rajasekhar Reddy government.

In fact, the TDP brought out a book titled “Raja of Corruption” explaining how the Rajasekhar Reddy government indulged in large scale corruption in Jalayagnam, illegal mining and even granting favours to several industrialists who had invested huge amounts in the media house of YSR’s son Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.

The TDP leaders distributed these books to every politician in Delhi and successfully ruined the reputation of YSR and his family members.

Now, Jagan is planning to pay Naidu in his own coin. His YSR Congress party is planning to bring out a book highlighting how Naidu and his party leaders made crores of rupees through illegal land transactions in and around the new capital city of Amaravati through their benamis.

Jagan, too, wants to distribute copies of this book to all leaders in Delhi – right from President of India Pranab Mukherjee to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to all the party heads. He wants to convey a strong message to these leaders that Naidu was “purchasing” YSR Congress party MLAs with this ill-gotten money.

It remains to be seen whether this would fetch any political mileage to Jagan in the next elections.



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