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Jagan Sets Agenda For 2024, Not 2019!

YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, who kick-started his marathon padayatra from Idupulapaya on Monday, seems to have gained the confidence that he will become the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh for sure in 2019 elections.

It was evident from the way Jagan talked about returning to the people to seek votes in 2024 with the pride of implementing the promises he is going to make in his party’s 2019 election manifesto.

“I am not going to make fake promises to cheat people. And I do what I promise. That is why, I have the confidence of going to the people again to seek votes in 2024,” Jagan said, addressing a public meeting at Idupulapaya, before embarking on his padayatra.

By saying so, Jagan has sought to give the impression that he will definitely gain the mandate of the people in 2019 and become the chief minister. So, his focus will be only on implementing the promises so that he would go to the people confidently in  2024.

“Our manifesto would be simple and would be a reflection of the people’s aspirations and we will implement every promise in the true letter and spirit, unlike TDP which had gone back on every promise and had been trying to invent ways and means to cover it up,” Jagan said.

He ridiculed Naidu for considering the Nandyal by-election as the mandate of the people.

“Everybody knows how he had spent over Rs 200 crore to win Nandyal seat. If he thinks it is people’s mandate, let him make all the 20 defectors to quit the seats and go for by-elections. I will see how he would spend Rs 4000 crore to win the seats,” Jagan said.

“Naidu is scared with the solidarity and public support I have been getting in every step of mine and this 3,000 km Praja Sankalpa Yatra is aimed at highlighting the failures of Naidu and to bring awareness among the people as to how they are being cheated,” he said.



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