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It's Mamata's Plan, And Not Of KCR?

It's Mamata's Plan, And Not Of KCR?

For the last two days, TRS president and chief minister KCR has been harping on formation of a non-BJP and non-Congress political alternative at the national level.

And he has also expressed his ambition, albeit indirectly, to become the Prime Minister, if people bless him, to bring qualitative change in the national politics.

The CMO also claimed that West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee and others called him and extended their support for formation of a third front.

However, a report that appeared in a Kolkata-based English daily, said Mamata did not call KCR but it was the other way round.

In fact, it is Mamata, who has started an attempt to form a non-BJP platform and was seeking cooperation of all the other regional parties. In the wake of the BJP’s resounding success in north-east states.

The news report says it was KCR who called Mamata on Saturday afternoon and agreed with her stand that all the non-BJP parties should join hands and field a single candidate against every BJP nominee, depending on which party is the strongest in a particular area.

He, however, suggested that if the Congress failed to take the right steps, it should be excluded from the Opposition alliance.

But Mamata stressed the need to be flexible in the battle against the BJP, in keeping with her view that "the Congress cannot be left out, especially if it hurts the BJP in Karnataka, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh", the source said.

Surprisingly, Mamata also reportedly supported the inclusion of her arch rivals CPI (M), as she believes that "political untouchability" must be set aside for the "sake of the nation,".

She also spoke to other regional parties like the DMK in Tamil Nadu, the RJD in Bihar, the BJD in Odisha and even BJP ally Shiv Sena.

However, even as Mamata was in parleys with the regional parties, KCR reacted sharply to announce a third front without the Congress and the BJP!



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