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Is Pawan Kalyan Tour Part of Movie Publicity?

Pawan Kalyan is busy touring Andhra as part of his "Chalo Re Chalo" political yatra. He began his short political trip in Vizag today and it will go on for the next couple of days.

Pawan Kalyan was once again heard saying the same things like he does not care if he has to go to jail fighting for public.

His rhetoric speeches are hardly evincing interest but he is no doubt getting lot of attention and publicity in the mainstream media as is expected.

Buzz is that Pawan Kalyan wanted this hype before his "Agynaathaavasi" hits the screens on January 10. But the fact is that he does not need any further hype as his magic combination with director Trivikram has generated enough publicity.

However, Pawan Kalyan wants this to be the second biggest blockbuster in Tollywood's history. So, he is trying his best to create as much hype as possible, say industry insiders.

Since he may or may not do movies after Agynaathavaasi, as he would be fully occupied with politics, he wants this movie to be an epic hit. If the film turns out to be a mammoth hit, it would be an advantage for him as a nascent politician.

He has chosen to remain silent on many issues in the recent past, despite claiming that he was concerned about various developments. Also, his last two films have been major duds, so Pawan Kalyan needed ignition to kick-start his political career.

He seems to have achieved that with the "Chalo Re Chalo" yatra.



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