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Is It Not JC's Fault Too?

Is It Not JC's Fault Too?

TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy’s arrogance took a severe beating and caused the unfortunate loss of life of one of his followers and several others were grievously injured.

Trouble started in Chinnapolamada of Tadipatri Mandal when the Ganesh procession of the villagers of Chinnapolamada ran into a congregation of devotees of Swamy Prabhodananda Ashram who had come to celebrate Janmashtami in large numbers. An argument broke out between the groups which resulted in violence.

The next day, the villagers, this time led by JC Diwakar Reddy and his followers arrived at the ashram again.

The police blocked him on the way and pleaded with Diwakar Reddy not to visit the ashram as it might flare up the situation again.

But Diwakar Reddy, perhaps emboldened by the presence of his private security went to the ashram and pretty soon, the villagers erected a tent there and started pelting stones into the ashram.

There were a large number of devotees in the ashram and in order to curb the stone pelting, around 50 of them emerged from the ashram armed with iron rods and petrol bombs and launched a vicious counter attack.

A fierce clash broke out between Diwakar Reddy’s private army and the ashram people and one Fakeerappa, a follower of the MP succumbed to his injuries.

Many others suffered serious injuries with fractured arms and legs and one man is in a coma and his condition is very critical.

The vehicles in which Diwakar Reddy and his men arrived were targeted and the windows broken. Sensing a serious threat, the police and followers of Diwakar Reddy whisked him away to safety.

The police then sent away the devotees of the ashram in various buses to their hometowns and brought the situation under control.

Diwakar Reddy and his followers then held a dharna at the police station blaming the police for failing to prevent the clashes. How ironical!

First of all, the Honourable MP does not heed the warning of the police not to go to the ashram. They then started pelting stones at the ashram inmates and at the end of the day, blame the police for failing to prevent the outbreak of violence. Therefore, JC Diwakar Reddy is also equally to blame for the sad turn of events. 

Probably, the poor man did not expect to be at the receiving end despite being a notorious faction supporter himself.



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