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How Karma Is Chasing Chandrababu Naidu?

How Karma Is Chasing Chandrababu Naidu?

There are many movies on silver screen those show how the villain character ends in the climax as per poetic justice.

All the wrong deeds done by the villain do boomerang to put an end to him. Now the plight of Chandrababu appears to be the same. 

He was the first person to introduce the idea of distributing money to the voters during elections in a centralized manner. Earlier to him, some candidates used to do that discreetly but after the entry of CBN, the situation got centralized. He thought he can buy the voters like sheep. Now, the situation has got boomeranged. The majority of voters had revolted against him giving him a deathblow in the recent general elections. So, the majority people are not with him. 

Chandrababu is the one who used media to his selfishness in a never before- never after way. His backing to the media with huge funds branded a section of News Dailies and TV Channels as Yellow Media. Thus he spoiled the system of Fourth Estate as well. But now the yellow media is not in a position to save him and the rest of media is readily exposing all of his bad deeds. 

Not stopping at that, even the social media was misutilized by CBN in the worst way possible. He is the one who opened an office with 200-300 employees to mudsling the opposite party on social media. But now, the TDP is unable to face the force of rest of the netizens on social media. What he had introduced has already come to him. 

If anybody is asked which politician is known for corrupting the legal system in India, pat comes the reply with the name 'Chandrababu Naidu'. Yes, now the time has started boomeranging and the same legal system will put him in big trouble shortly. 

The bottomline is that every system he had corrupted is going to eat him now.

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