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His Stupidity Is Amazing

His Stupidity Is Amazing

When an infant was bitten to death by rats in Guntur Government Hospital, it was the day when civil society hung its head in shame. Naturally and rightfully, the government hospitals and its staff were criticized soundly by an agonized public.

To stem the tide of the opposition, Health Minister Kamineni Srinivas who has been suffering from osteoarthritis in his right leg took a decision to have his right knee operated upon in GGH.

He felt this move would instill confidence among the public apart from the doctors, nurses and paramedical staff of GGH.

The operation was performed on January 23. It has now come to light that the Ministers used the help of private hospitals for the surgery.

Responding to this revelation by the YSRCP, the Minister said that choosing GGH as a venue was sufficient to send a positive signal to one and all, irrespective of who performed the operation.

The stupidity of the Minister’s response is truly amazing. If a teacher from ‘Delhi Public School’ gets paid to come and teach for a day at the government school in Nalgonda, does it mean that the quality of the government school has improved overnight?

Private enterprises being involved in the Minister’s surgery only reinforce the fact that nobody trusts the government hospitals. The Minister himself has no confidence in them.



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