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Has Jagan really resorted to contempt of court?

Has Jagan really resorted to contempt of court?

Ever since YSRCP president and Andhra Pradesh CM Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy disclosed to media the letter he had written to Chief Justice of India S A Bobde making certain allegations against Supreme Court judge N V Ramana and a few judges of state high court, there has been a hue and cry in the yellow media.

These sections of media have been interviewing several senior advocates and retired judges condemning Jagan’s letter and describing it as a contempt of court.

Some other advocates presented a counter view, describing Jagan’s letter as a courageous step seeking to expose lacunae in the judiciary system.

Has Jagan really resorted to contempt of court by making certain strong allegations against Justice Ramana or some other high court judges.

A close look at Jagan’s letter to CJI shows that he had not made any demand for either impeachment or resignation of the SC judge or transfer of present high court judges who are stalling his government’s decisions.

What Jagan requested the CJI was only to look into the points he had raised and “consider initiating such steps as may be considered fit and proper to ensure that the state judiciary’s neutrality is maintained.”

The chief minister even offered to make available to the Supreme Court further material, if any, to corroborate the matter he had raised in the letter apart from the enclosed annexures.

“Since he has not sought any investigation or demanded any action like impeachment of any judge, he cannot draw the contempt of court. To consider whether an inquiry is needed is the minimum and legitimate expectation from the highest authority of judiciary,” a legal expert said.

He said it is not a crime to complain against judiciary. The SC rules say any person can file a complaint either to President or CJI.

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