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Has Jagan put an end to Kapu quota row?

Has Jagan put an end to Kapu quota row?

After making his party leaders clarify the party’s stand on the Kapu reservations controversy for three days, YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy finally sought to put the records straight at Pithapuram public meeting, thereby undoing the damage his earlier statement at Jaggampeta had done.

Jagan reiterated that he had never opposed the quota for Kapu community, but did not want to make false claims that he would secure it.

“I only said since the Centre was seized of the matter, it could be resolved by the Centre in the wake of the Supreme Court judgement. I made it clear in the past that out party is for the reservations to Kapus without affecting the existing quota and there is no question of going back on my stand,” he asserted.

The YSRC president accused the TDP and a section of media of distorting his statement and taking his comment out of context.

Analysts, however, say enough damage had already been done to YSRC due to Jagan’s statement at Jaggampeta and his clarification at Pithapuram would only stop further damage.

On the other hand, TDP leaders, including Naidu, have already started extensive campaign against Jagan projecting him as anti-Kapu. Simultaneously, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is also touring West Godavari and it will further affect Jagan’s prospects.

“His assurance of doubling the financial assistance to Kapus has also not appeased the community. The only way Jagan can undo the damage is to hold a series of talks with the Kapu community leaders like Mudragada in the next few days and give them a strong assurance that he would take up their cause in the coming days,” a party source said.



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