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Harish Exposes Naidu's Anti-Telangana Stand

Harish Exposes Naidu's Anti-Telangana Stand

Telangana irrigation minister T Harish Rao on Thursday sought to expose the ill-motives of Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in contesting the assembly elections in Telangana, while opposing the irrigation projects and development of Telangana openly.

In a hard-hitting open letter, Harish fired as many as 19 salvos, pointing out Naidu’s conspiracies against Telangana.

He said Naidu’s nefarious activity was to spread across sectors including, irrigation, power, and even sharing of office space in the city.

“While we don’t have objection to TDP contesting the elections in Telangana, we want Naidu to give an explanation to the people of Telangana before fielding his party candidates.

“The TDP is attempting to gain a foothold in Telangana with the hope that it can be a partner in power. If this happens, Naidu plans to ensure that AP Government’s interests are put ahead of the needs of Telangana,” Harish said.

With Naidu writing a series of letters to the Centre raising unwarranted disputes of irrigation projects taken up by Telangana government and playing petty games with respect to power supply, the TDP has no ground to stand on.

“Any district Naidu’s party goes to and asks for votes, it will have to explain why Naidu attempted to stop projects designed to deliver irrigation and other benefits to the people,” he said.

Harish Rao released copies of letters written by Naidu and AP Government opposing irrigation projects.

Among the points Harish Rao raised in the letter were AP’s opposition to Kaleshwaram project, its refusal to supply electricity as per the Act but surprising ability to sell it at a steep cost, opposition to Palamuru-Ranga Reddy, Kalwakurthy Lift Irrigation Schemes, attempts to stop release of water from Srisailam reservoir to Telangana, and construction of irrigation projects without Telangana’s consent.



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