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Ha Ha Ha Harish Rao!

Ha Ha Ha Harish Rao!

The comments by Kodandaram have come like a bolt from the blue for the ruling TRS and is clearly the first major challenge to its hegemony for Kodandaram is a man of the masses.

Whenever there is a crisis in the TRS, it is Harish Rao who steps in and it was no different this time either. Harish Rao refuted the allegations of Kodandaram.

“Did Kodandaram forget that it was KCR who made him the Chairman of JAC? Every programme of the JAC was a success, be it Chalo Assembly or Sakala Janula Samme or Sagara Haaram, had TRS not been a part of it, those programmes wouldn’t have been successful,” said Harish Rao.

And finally defending KCR, Harish Rao, said, “A national publication like ‘India Today’ has declared KCR as the best CM in the country. Other States feel that they would be better off with a CM like KCR. Cutting across Party lines, leaders are appreciating Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha.

Is Kodandaram blind to all this or is he acting at the behest of someone? When ‘India Today’ voted KCR best CM in the country, it is a matter of pride for 4 crore Telangana people. Kodandaram, therefore with his comments has insulted the 4 crore Telangana people.”

For once, Harish Rao has faltered in his defense. It is amusing to see him Quite an award given by ‘India Today’ in support of KCR.

In fact when Kiran Kumar Reddy was the Chief Minister, he was also declared the best CM in the country by ‘India Today’. Was that not a matter of pride to entire United AP? Under the best CM, where was the need for a separate State?

Clearly, the TRS is opportunistic in its stand on several issues as can be evidenced by Harish Rao’s comments.



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