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Fact Sheet: Sonia Need Not Worry

Fact Sheet: Sonia Need Not Worry

Faced with the ruling dispensation's onslaught over the Augusta Westland scam and the Ishrat Jahan affidavit controversy, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi warned the Modi government “not to try to frighten or defame“ the main opposition by unleashing a campaign of “baseless allegations“. These remarks can only be construed as a joke by the general public.

The magnitude of scams during the UPA rule had disgusted the nation so much that they comprehensively booted the Congress out of power. And now in the Opposition, the Augusta West Land scam has once again portrayed the Congress establishment in a very poor light.

Sonia Gandhi need not accuse the BJP or any other Party for that matter of tying to defame the Congress. Their support is at an all- time low and their credibility has hit rock-bottom.

The way ahead is indeed very bleak for the Grand Old Party and ironically, this promises to be a silver lining for the people of India.

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