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Devansh Is Richer Than Grandpa Naidu!

Devansh Is Richer Than Grandpa Naidu!

The farcical exercise of declaring assets by Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu and his family members continued for the sixth consecutive year.

On Wednesday, Naidu’s son and TDP general secretary Lokesh declared the assets at Guntur.

As usual, Naidu has put up a poor face. He has properties worth Rs 3.73 crore but he also has loans of about Rs 3.06 crore; which means, his net assets are worth only Rs 67 lakh, which have marginally grown from Rs 42.40 lakh declared last year.

Of the total value of assets in his name, his Jubilee Hills residence itself costs Rs 3.68 crore, while he continues to hold an old ambassador car which is worth just Rs 1.52 lakh and he has cash balance of only Rs 3.59 lakh.

What is surprising is that his grandson Devansh, who is just one and half years old, is richer than him.

He has properties worth Rs 11.32 crore registered in his name, including a house worth Rs 9.17 crore in Jubilee Hills, Rs 2.40 crore in the form of fixed deposits and cash balance of Rs 2.31 crore.

Naidu’s wife Bhuvaneshwari owns assets worth Rs 33.66 crore, while Lokesh has properties worth Rs 14.50 crore and his wife Nara Brahmani owns assets worth Rs 5.38 crore.



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