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Defected MLAs ready to return to YSRC?

Defected MLAs ready to return to YSRC?

As the elections to the state assembly are fast approaching, the ruling Telugu Desam Party and the opposition YSR Congress party have started playing the mind game to gain psychological edge over each other.

On Tuesday, YSR Congress party MP V Vijay Sai Reddy dropped a bombshell on the TDP saying some of the MLAs who had defected to the ruling party were ready to return to the YSRC.

“Not just them, even some ruling party MLAs are also willing to join the YSRC,” he said.

Sai Reddy, however, put a condition that any MLA who wants to join the YSRC should first resign from the assembly membership.

“We want to set a healthy trend in this regard, unlike the TDP,” he said.

Apparently, a couple of YSRC MLAs who had defected to the TDP have been sending signals to the parent party that they want to return.

They are not happy for not getting the due recognition in the TDP nor were they getting any additional benefits from the government as promised.

Sources said Kodumuru MLA Mani Gandhi expressed his discontent on TDP leadership for neglecting the MLAs who switched loyalties to TDP.

He reportedly said he had been given attractive financial offer to join the TDP, but after the purpose was served, he was being ignored in the TDP.

Another MLA Jayaramulu from Badwel is also feeling cheated by the TDP leadership, as his rivals were bagging all the contract works in the constituency.



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