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Deeply Hurt Pawan Kalyan Supporting TRS?

Deeply Hurt Pawan Kalyan Supporting TRS?

Prime Minister, Union Ministers, Chief Ministers of other states, former CMs, nationwide famous leaders, all of them have roamed every street of Hyderabad for votes but Pawan Kalyan who knows every nook and corner of Hyderabad has given no role to play. 

According to reliable reports, Pawan Kalyan is getting enraged with the hungama being created by BJP gang. He is waiting for the right opportunity.

It is heard that he is already sending covert messages to the Janasena activists to teach a lesson to the party which insulted him, through GHMC elections. 

It is heard that all party workers got a communication that BJP needs to realize the damage when they don’t have Pawan Kalyan canvassing for them.

‘When Janasenani is hurt, the consequences can be catastrophic’, is the message they want to spread and hence they are following the ‘Stalin’ sutra wherein one person will tell three others.

All in all, Pawan’s army has decided to go for wholesale voting to Car and teach the saffron leaders a lesson.

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