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Costliest Wedding In Telugu States

Costliest Wedding In Telugu States

The wedding season is about to start and there are some big weddings lined up. There is Sujana Choudhary's daughter's engagement next month, that is going to be a destination event, to be held in Jodhpur.

But one wedding that has really generated a lot of curiosity and lots of interest is the wedding in the family of Ramoji Rao.

The Eenadu group's honcho is considered as the top man not only in his community, but also in both Telugu states.

While news that it will be the costliest wedding does not surprise, it nevertheless is creating a lot of buzz in social, political and film circles as the family has businesses in all fields.

The wedding is that of Cherukuri Sahari, the grand-daughter of Ramoji Rao and the venue is at Ramoji Film City.

Already, the entire family has been busy with wedding activities for the past one month and talk is that a huge set reminding one of Baahubali sets has been erected in Film City.

The D-day is August 1 and a grand pre-wedding reception is being held on July 28.

For the same, the entire venue will be decorated with beautiful floral and light decorations. Additionally, special restrictions will be imposed on the movement within Film City from now.

The guests will be put up at the two star hotels on the property and they will have complete access to entire Film City during wedding.

Currently, the families are busy distributing cards and recently they even invited Prime Minister Modi for the wedding.

Inside talk is that the entire wedding will be an ostentatious affair and that the guests will be given amazing gifts as return favours.

Plans are on to put up all guests at the Film City for the night during wedding and pre-wedding events.

In all, from the planning, it is obvious that it will be the costliest wedding in Telugu states.



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