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Contrary to Naidu's claims, ministers hardly working!

Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu always claims that he is the most hard working chief minister and a tough task master.

He says he will not sleep and let others sleep till the tasks are completed. He also claims that he is working for 16 hours a day.

One does not know how far his claims are true, but his cabinet colleagues do not seem to be doing any justice to his claims.

According to reports, the ministers, except a couple of them, are hardly doing any work as they spend most of the time touring their constituencies and lobbying for making quick bucks.

The reports say the number of pending files in every department have been increasing day by day. Nearly two lakh files pertaining to various issues from 44 different departments in the State are pending for approval by the cabinet colleagues.

Officials say that delay in clearance of those pending files is due to non-availability of the ministers at the Secretariat. Once the ministers concerned give their approval, the files could be cleared.

During the recent Nandyal by-elections, as many as 15-20 ministers left the Secretariat and spent the time in campaigning.

Most of them are still not coming to the secretariat and are busy with party work in their respective constituencies and the districts.



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