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Cold War Between Revanth Reddy And Bhatti

Cold War Between Revanth Reddy And Bhatti

In Telangana, a cold war is brewing between Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and Deputy Chief Minister Bhatti Vikramarka over the issue of the Khammam seat. 

Last week, during the meeting of the Congress Central Election Committee, they expressed their differences of opinion regarding the Khammam seat in the presence of senior leaders from Delhi. 

Bhatti Vikramarka informed the party leaders that he has been working in Khammam for ten years, and his wife Nandini has been actively involved in the constituency as well.

He questioned why he shouldn't be allowed to give a seat to his wife when Uttam Kumar Reddy could get one to his wife. 

Bhatti complained that Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy, who recently joined from the BRS, was given an MLA seat, and now Revanth is apparently looking to secure the MP seat for his brother.


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