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Chandrababu's Vision 2019 for NTR Jr?

Chandrababu's Vision 2019 for NTR Jr?

Has Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party president Nara Chandrababu Naidu convinced NTR Jr to campaign for the party in the next year's general elections?

Nandamuri Balakrishna attending the success meet of "Aravindha Sametha" and Lokesh's wife Brahmini presenting a special gift consisting of Harikrishna's photos to NTR Jr gave rise to these speculations.

Has Naidu almost succeeded in his efforts to woo NTR Jr again?

NTR Jr had earlier canvassed for Telugu Desam party in year 2009 but his show became a damp squib with the party failing to come to power. Since then, NTR Jr has been staying away from party activities.

This has created a huge rift between Balakrishna and NTR Jr and they were not on talking terms till a month ago.

With the polls round the corner, Naidu wants NTR Jr who is riding high on popularity with series of moderate to big hits to canvass for the party. NTR Jr also talks well unlike Balakrishna whose speech no one understands.

In the early 2000's, Naidu's pet line was he had vision 2020 for the development of Andhra Pradesh. Now, his worry is only vision 2019 (elections). Will NTR Jr really fall for Naidu and Balakrishna's family pressure?

Balakrishna didn't praise NTR's performance in "Aravindha Sametha" at the event held the other day.

His body language too seemed as if he came to the event just to drive home the point that all is well between them. NTR Jr also didn't use any big words for his babai Balakrishna, in his speech. 

An uneasy relationship between them for sure!  



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