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Can Trivikram Pull This Off?

Trivikram wanted to wrap up A Aa within six months in a tight budget. Not just its budget but also the working days for A Aa have gone high up that the producer made very minimal profits in spite of the film being a blockbuster for Nithin’s range.

Trivikram planned to finish off Agnyaathavaasi in six months and release it for Dussera, but he could do it only by Sankranthi.

Trivikram is not used to wrapping up movies in a flash. He likes flashy backgrounds and spends so much time on detailing. Every frame in his film looks like a painting. Such is the amount of time and energy he spends on look and appeal.

Now Trivikram has promised NTR to finish their film by August. The film was supposed to be rolling by now, but it didn’t happen.

Filming will begin in April and the plan is to finish it off in one long schedule with few days gap in between.

Trivikram is right now under severe pressure to bounce back as his previous film Agnyaathavaasi ended up as a terrible disaster.



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