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Blame KCR, not the Muslims!

Blame KCR, not the Muslims!

Certain intellectuals from among the Muslim community are raising the demand for 12% reservation for them in Telangana.

They are being sharply rebuked for demanding reservation on the basis of religion and also reminded that the constitution does not allow it. But the Muslims are not at fault here.

It is KCR who promised them during the election campaign that 12% reservation would be given to Muslims within four months of the TRS coming to power.

It is 17 months now and nothing has come of it. How can the Muslims be blamed for expecting a promise made to them to be fulfilled?

It is leaders like KCR who are at fault here. Besides, have we not seen the same situation in Andhra with regard to the BJP?

Special status was promised on the floor of Parliament and now, we all know the story.

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