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Behind The Scene: Last Man Gone

Behind The Scene: Last Man Gone

The only thing that the Kamma (Yellow) media has not propagated till date is that NTR invented the Telugu language.

Had it not been for the Vedas, they would also claim that they and not the Brahmins are the highest caste in Indian society.

It is out of this envy that when NTR came to power, he abolished the Karanam posts and Temple priest posts in order to destroy the traditional livelihood of the Brahmins.

There were also some Kamma leaders how in the name of social reform questioned as to why non-Brahmins should not become temple priests etc.

The honest journalist Pingali Dasaratharam, the grandson of Pingali Venkaiah who designed the national flag carried a series of scathing articles on NTR and Ramoji Rao with proofs on how the duo were indulging in large scale corruption, in his magazine ‘Encounter’.

Dasaratharam was barbarically stabbed to death. Then there is the case of the dynamic IPS officer Vyas who founded the elite Greyhounds unit.

Vyas was shot dead by naxalites in Hyderabad and Nayeem was one of the accused. Instead of gunning down Nayeem who killed a stalwart like Vyas, the government turned him into its own instrument to settle its own scores.

However, in 2014, for the first time, the TDP received votes from the Brahmin and Vaishya communities because it was the need of the hour.

And Chandrababu also appointed Parakala Prabhakar, a Brahmin as his personal advisor because his wife was a Union Minister. IYR Krishna Rao was also made Chairman of the Brahmin Corporation.

Otherwise, there is not even a single MLA from this intellectual community in Naidu’s cabinet. But now, IYR has parted ways with Naidu and now, so has Parakala citing conflict of interest.

Against this backdrop, it is more or less certain that the TDP will not get any votes from the Brahmin community which in all likelihood will go with the YSRCP.

As for the Kapus, they will sail with Pawan Kalyan. So, Naidu has his task cut out for 2019.

Written By Kiran Sharma



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