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Behind The Scene: A Double Whammy

Hyderabad: Post bifurcation, the preferred choice of service for IAS officers was naturally the TS cadre as they would not have to leave Hyderabad.

Nevertheless, those who were assigned the AP Cadre consoled themselves thinking that they wouldn’t need to move out of Hyderabad at least for the next ten years, the period of Hyderabad as common capital.

But along came the Revanth Reddy episode and Naidu was forced to shift lock, stock and barrel to Amaravati. And the IAS officers have to follow suit. Meanwhile, the IAS officers of TS cadre who were grinning over the plight of their AP counterparts were in for a shock!

KCR has decided that 60 of the officers’ quarters in Punjagutta are going to be demolished and the IAS officers have to look for alternate accommodation.

So, we now have a situation where the IAS people of both AP and TS are grumbling. As for the CMs. one is in China and the other is packing his bags to leave for the US.



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