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Babu Vacchadu, Vunna Job Poyindi

Babu Vacchadu, Vunna Job Poyindi

It was quite an engaging duel on the first day of the Assembly between YS Jagan and Chandrababu Naidu.

Chandra Babu at one point said that out of inexperience, Jagan was making a political speech in the Assembly. Jagan replied that he was not making a political speech but a valid speech and that the TDP was not prepared to understand it.

Jagan said that the government had declared a revenue deficit of over Rs 15000 crore for Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan made an excellent point when he questioned Chandra Babu Naidu whether the deficit was inclusive of all the promises made by the TDP in its election manifesto or a standalone deficit.  

He further said, “The TDP had used the slogan: Babu Vastadu jobs vastayi. But today, the people will say: Babu Vacchadu, Vunna job Poyindi.”

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