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AP: Journalist-turned-advisor grows super rich!

AP: Journalist-turned-advisor grows super rich!

While YSR Congress Party president and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has made all-out efforts to improve the living standards of the poor by introducing a slew of welfare schemes, certain party leaders and sympathizers have taken advantage of their proximity to power to grow rich over the past five years.

As Jagan Mohan Reddy completes his five-year tenure and awaits the outcome of the state assembly elections on June 4, inquiries have revealed that those who have accumulated wealth during his rule are now seeking avenues to park their ill-gotten gains.

According to sources, a senior journalist working with the Sakshi media group in Hyderabad, who later became an advisor in the chief minister's office, has allegedly made a substantial amount of money.

This journalist, originally from a lower-middle-class family in Kadapa, became close to Jagan's family and leveraged this connection to rise to key positions.

After handling significant roles at Sakshi, he moved to Andhra Pradesh following Jagan's ascension to the chief minister's office.

He was appointed as an advisor to the government with cabinet rank and perks and quickly used his position to climb the ladder.

Sources suggest that this journalist-turned-advisor might have amassed no less than Rs 100 crore during this period.

It is reported that he is now planning to buy a villa in Hyderabad for Rs 20-25 crore and has already purchased a posh car worth over Rs 2 crore.

“If Jagan returns to power, his stature will rise further. But if the YSRCP loses the polls, he plans to return to Hyderabad and invest his money in some real estate ventures,” sources added.


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