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Andhra Pradesh To Become Betting Hub?

Well after looking at the crores of rupees that the people are gambling over the elections results, many Telugu people feel that Andhra Pradesh (Seemandhra) should become the betting hub in India.

Many are suggesting that betting should be legalized in Andhra Pradesh as close to 10000 crores are running on the current elections.

Not only politics, but Cock Fights (Kodi Pandelu) and cricket betting’s  are already huge in Godavari districts (East and West Godavari) and for every festival season, betting has become a tradition in most of the places.

Even the TV channels and newspapers report about these betting’s for every festival seasons and it has become a part for most of the people.

Betting is legal in many countries and it is time for the concerned departments to think about legalizing betting in Andhra Pradesh.



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