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ABN Trains Its Guns On Guruvananda Swamiji

ABN Trains Its Guns On Guruvananda Swamiji

The faithful lackey of Chandrababu Naidu, ABN Radhakrishna has been going hammer and tongs at the BJP ever since the TDP quit the NDA.

Today, Radhakrishna trained his guns on an ashram in Tirupati and questioned the veracity of the Swamiji there.

There is an ashram in Rama Puram near Tirupati which is headed by Swami Guruvananda. There is a marble temple inside the ashram along with guest rooms for visitors, foolproof security and air conditioned halls.

While there are different versions regarding the Swamiji, one popular version is that he is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur whose family was killed in a road accident in Delhi following which he became an ascetic and went away to the Himalayas.

But the biggest thing according to ABN is that many powerful people from the North and only the North visit the Swamiji at this ashram.

The most recent visit apparently was that of Amit Shah who was closeted with the Swamiji for about 40 minutes during his recent visit to Tirupati.

When so many high-profile politicians are visiting the Ashram, why are the visits being kept a secret? Why there is no publicity at all, questioned Andhra Jyothy.

If the BJP leaders publicly meet the Swamis, they are accused of communal politics, if they meet them in secret; allegations of something sinister are made by detractors.

Without furnishing proof of any kind, ABN devoted its entire front page to a story which seems to be solely aimed at painting the BJP in a bad light.



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