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A Lifeline For His Community

A Lifeline For His Community

It is nice to be smart but not over smart. A YSRCP Member in the Assembly asked CBN why the TDP was constructing Polavaram when it had been accorded National status.

To this CBN replied that the State was keen on doing the job as it wanted the project to be completed by 2018.

He said that he had no objection to the Centre taking over Polavaram if they were willing to complete it by 2018.

Assume that the Centre agrees to this proposal and takes over and don’t complete it by 2018? What can Naidu do about it? And who is he to stipulate conditions to a national project?

As long as Polavaram execution remains in the hands of CBN, he can make his community richer by giving them all the contracts.

If the Center takes over, they will give the contracts to their own people. So, Naidu’s plan may boomerang if the Centre decides to call his bluff.

Since bifurcation, Naidu says the state has spent approximately Rs 4400 crore on Polavaram of which the Centre has reimbursed only around Rs 345 crore. Here the blame clearly lies with Naidu!

He merely sent a bill to the Centre for the Remaining amount without giving a breakdown of expenses.  

Surely, the Centre will not blindly sign the bill? as of now, Polavaram is not the lifeline of AP, it is only a lifeline for CBN and his community pretty much like Amaravathi.



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