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A great initiative being destroyed by TDP

A great initiative being destroyed by TDP

Earlier, when there was an accident on the road and someone needed emergency treatment or a law and order situation or any emergency of any kind, people were apprehensive of calling up the police for assistance out of fear that they would be made to do the rounds of police stations as witnesses etc.

The arrival of ‘108’ services is one of the finest initiatives taken for public welfare. Originally, a brainchild of Satyam group, YSR took over the services and made it available to all the people across the State.

But that seems to be the biggest obstacle for ‘108’ in Srikakulam district which is a TDP stronghold.

Since, people of the State associate ‘108 services’ with YSR, the government and local administration is doing absolutely nothing to keep the service going smoothly. 29 vehicles were allotted for 38 mandals in Srikakulam district.

More than 15 vehicles are not working and officials for want of political approval and funds are not in a position to do anything.

Meanwhile, villagers in rural areas have lost lives due to this situation due to animal attacks. TDP leaders should put politics aside and think about the people for a change.

Are they refusing to live in India because it was Gandhiji-led Congress which brought independence to the nation?