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Will AP have single capital or two or three?

Will AP have single capital or two or three?

With the Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy government in Andhra Pradesh on Monday withdrawing its two legislations concerned with the three capitals for the state, speculations are flying high over what it would do on the state capital issue in the coming days.

Though the chief minister told the state assembly firmly that he would stand by the three capitals’ decision and that he would bring in a new comprehensive and fool-proof legislation in the coming days, there have still been speculations over the revised capital structure.

According to a section of reports, the Jagan government would continue with its stand of developing Visakhapatnam as the executive capital.

However, he would convert Amaravati into judicial capital, as it is very difficult to shift the high court to Kurnool, without the approval of the Centre as it was notified by the President of India after taking the consent from the Supreme Court.

The originally proposed judicial capital at Kurnool would be converted into legislative capital, which means, the government has to shift the state assembly to Kurnool.

But one wonders whether the Jagan government will be willing to spend huge amount on the construction of a new assembly building at Kurnool.

It is not enough to construct one building, but it should also construct MLA quarters’ there for them to stay during the session period and also make security arrangements for them.

There is also a talk that the Jagan government might go in for two capitals concept with executive capital at Visakhapatnam and both judicial and legislative capital at Amaravati, which already has infrastructure for the high court and the assembly. For Kurnool, Jagan may go in for a high court bench.

And another speculation is that the Jagan government would develop a single capital city at Visakhapatnam, where assembly and high court can also be located.

Since Vizag has all the necessary infrastructure, he might not have to spend more, which is what Jagan said in the assembly.

It would be interesting to see what model Jagan would adopt in the coming months.

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