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Why Is Sivaji Silent On Pattiseema?

Why Is Sivaji Silent On Pattiseema?

After being in a virtual hibernation for several months, Telugu actor Sivaji of “Operation Garuda” fame, is back in the news, once again making sensational allegations.

He released a five-minute video on Wednesday, coinciding with Gandhi Jayanti, on the social media platforms, talking about patriotism, treason, values in politics and surrender of media to political parties.

His latest target in the video is Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) which is all set to bag the multi-thousand crore contract of Polavaram major irrigation project. 

Sivaji went on to explain how Megha Engineering had managed to bag various contracts in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, including Polavaram, Kaleshwaram lift irrigation scheme and more importantly, ONGC rigs contract, besides electric buses contract, in a fraudulent manner.

He sought to know how Megha Engineering could amass wealth to the tune of Rs 26,000 crore in a span of just seven years.

According to Sivaji, the way Megha Engineering bagged all these contracts was nothing short of “desadroham” (betrayal of the country). He claimed that he has all the evidences to prove the irregular practices of Megha to get the contracts. 

“Megha Krishna Reddy has been pocketing public money. I will disclose these evidences in the social media, as the mainstream media does not have the guts to publish the same,” the actor claimed.

He took pot shots at Andhra chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and his Telangana counterpart K Chandrasekhar Rao indirectly for favouring Megha.

“I will expose all the irregularities committed in the form of reverse tendering and redesigning of irrigation projects,” he said.

Stating that he was feeling threat to his life, Sivaji said he was not afraid of death.

“I have already brought it to the notice of Prime Minister and Union home minister. Now, I will expose the fraud in public,” he said.

Well, Sivaji has spoken about every contract bagged by Megha Engineering. But he conveniently avoided Pattiseema lift irrigation project which was built by Megha Krishna Reddy, on a contract given by TDP president and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

The former CM not only gave extra money to Megha Krishna Reddy for completing the project before the deadline but also felicitated him in public. Why didn’t Sivaji speak about this project? Was there no “Desa Droham” involved in it?

Apparently, the man behind Sivaji is believed to be V Ravi Prakash, former CEO of popular television channel TV9. Both Sivaji and Ravi Prakash have been close friends and also partners in business.

After the channel was acquired by Megha Krishna Reddy and My Home Rameshwara Rao, Ravi Prakash has been trying to defame them in various ways. The latest allegations made by Sivaji are also believed to be part of this game plan, say sources.

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