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Why is Raghurama Raju getting closer to BJP?

Why is Raghurama Raju getting closer to BJP?

After the recent episode of YSR Congress party MP from Narsapuram K Raghurama Krishnam Raju defying the party line on introduction of Telugu as the medium of instruction, he made it clear that he had never crossed the party line nor would he do it in future.

But those who have been closely watching his moves in New Delhi are suspecting that he is getting closer to the Bharatiya Janata Party once again, as he had been associated with the party in the past.

The way he had independently met BJP national president Amit Shah despite strict instructions from YSRC president Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy not to meet the BJP leaders without the knowledge of parliamentary party leader V Vijay Sai Reddy and the manner in which he had shaken hands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the central hall has given rise to these speculations.

Against this backdrop, Raghuhrama Raju’s invitation to over 300 party MPs for a dinner at the residence of his relative and Congress MP K V P Ramachandra Rao on December 11 came as a surprise.

It is not exactly known whether Raju has taken the permission from Jagan for hosting this dinner is not exactly known.

But all these developments lend credence to the speculations that Raju is trying to get closer to the BJP. What could be the reason?

Sources said Raju is feeling suffocated as an MP, as there is virtually nothing for him to do. Unlike in the past, the MPs have little chance to make money during the Narendra Modi regime and their word hardly has any value. 

Especially if the MPs are from the non-BJP parties, they have little scope to do any lobbying and get central contracts etc.

At least for the BJP leaders, they would be able to get some benefits like contracts and business avenues, if not from the Centre, but at least in other states ruled by the BJP.

Moreover, a CBI case pertaining to alleged loan default is hanging on the head of Raghurama Krishnam Raju.

Soon after the elections, the CBI conducted raids on his houses and business ventures in Hyderabad and Bhmavaram, pertaining to alleged default of loan of about Rs 947 crore taken from various financial institutions.

So, the only way to get out of these cases will be to join the BJP, sources said.


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