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Watch: YSRCP MLA Criticizes TTD EO Openly

Watch: YSRCP MLA Criticizes TTD EO Openly

Anna Rambabu, the MLA of Giddalur Constituency, criticized TTD EO Dharma Reddy for his autocratic approach. 

Rambabu stated that everyone is equal before God, but certain protocols exist for particular positions. The EO is an employee, not the owner of the holy place. As MLAs, they too desire to seek blessings from the Lord with the protocol that He has blessed them.

Rambabu questioned how the EO could disregard and disrespect the MLA protocols, letters from the Chief Minister, and others.

He expressed his discontent with the over-enthusiastic and narrow-minded approach and stated that he would bring this to the attention of the Chief Minister.

Moreover, there have been several complaints against officers and department heads who abuse their power and insult other leaders entitled to constitutional respect.

TTD, an autonomous body, has a protocol for arranging darshans. However, according to Rambabu, it has failed completely, indicating bias in TTD and other state government departments.


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